Individual Sessions

Sal offers one on one holistic counseling, ceremony and healing through art.  In individual session with Sal you can explore the healing of meditation, art and ceremony under the safe and gentle guidance of an experienced facilitator, meditation therapist, transpersonal art therapist student, experienced cultural art therapist, ritualist and holistic counselor. 

Sal has extensive experience in facilitating transpersonal style healing, which considers states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity, and creates a beautiful ceremony of healing to help guide you in uncovering deep insight. 

In 2012 Sal was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukeamia, art and meditation gave them a way to connect to their spirituality and cope with the mental and physical stresses of cancer treatment. This has given Sal deep insight and a first-hand understanding of the therapeutic benefits of art and meditation. 

Art is a healing and powerful way of finding insight, connection, and spirituality. Through the ceremony of creating a piece of art, your story is reflected back to you and insights are gained. This includes visual arts such as painting, sculpting, weaving, writing, as well as dance and song. Arts allow expression of emotions and trauma, particularly when verbalising is difficult. Available Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and some weekends on special request. 

Sal offers sessions on a sliding scale – Sal invites you to pay the amount you feel comfortable with – starts at $60 per hour.

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