Legacy Art

Sal spent some time as the resident artist on the palliative care ward in Liverpool Hospital through a program called “Creative Legacy” a program run by The Groupdswell Project.

“Our Creative Legacy Program is an award winning arts and health experience that combines storytelling and art making on an acute Palliative Care ward. Through conversation and story-telling exercises the artist captures the life stories of people in the last days and weeks of their life in personalised artworks, which are then given to the patient and their family as a gift of art and legacy. “

Sal is bringing their experience of working with people who are at end of life in capturing their stories and bring it to anyone who has a story to tell.   

The process of creating the legacy art includes a session with Sal, where we create a comfortable space together, ground and become present and have a conversation about your story. Sal will ask some gentle questions and start sketching your artworks.   The sessions is recorded so you can pass your artwork and conversation on to loved ones when it is your time to pass on.  This is why it is called a legacy artwork, it is something special, personal and beautiful to give to your loved ones when you are gone.

After your session, Sal goes away and creates the artwork for you.   

This is a beautiful gift for anyone who is experiencing transitions in life or have reached a big milestone. 

Legacy sessions including artwork are $500.00

For more information or to book a legacy session contact Sal: sal@bogongmothart.com.a